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Jarryn Allen
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J R Bespoke Designs was founded by Jarryn Allen, a Carpenter by trade who had a passion for creating custom made furniture. For years before establishing his business he would spend his spare time handcrafting furniture in the home garage for himself, family and friends. After a few years he decided he would start crafting furniture to then sell, the fine quality of work shone through and quickly grew into regular orders.

Jarryn decided that he wanted to pursue his dream of Handcrafting furniture for his clients to love and cherish for years to come. He decided to leave Carpentry behind him and focus solely on furthering his New Bespoke Furniture Business. Upon moving into a large factory in Alphington, the business grew and he was then able to pursue his dream to work full time in his new career.

J R Bespoke Designs will work with you from an idea, to the design process all the way to the finished product being installed and delivered to your home. You can view some of our custom designs in our ‘Shop’ page or you can contact us with your own idea for a bespoke piece of furniture.

All of our handcrafted pieces show style and elegance, demanding attention in any home. We pride ourselves on all our work, and spend the time to create these beautiful custom made pieces that really turn a house into a home.


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