Art Furniture

Art Furniture

Sue Francis is a famous melbourne based abstract artist. On all these designs we have worked closely with the client to create Art Furniture that is unique and jaw dropping.
Hand painted by Sue Francis, these paintings are completely customised for your personal preference. The client works with Sue through some of her previous work to see your style and taste and then Sue produces her magic.
The Furniture part of the design is completely customised too, whether you want a dining table, Buffet unit, Entertainment unit, Bar Cabinet, the possibilities are where your imagination ends.

Each cabinet painting has a polyurethane seal over the painting to protect it from hand prints etc. this is great because we can use push to open doors and drawers which eliminates the need for handles and avoids interruption in the painting.

Pricing for these are completely customised based on what you would like, but as a rough guide, our buffet units usually cost around $4000.

Art Buffet & Cabinets
Art Wood Work Buffet Furniture
Pop Art Buffet Furniture
Art deco Antique sideboard
Wood Work Art furniture
Art Buffet designs
Art Deco Sideboard units

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    Art deco Antique sideboard