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Best Furniture Makers Melbourne

As Furniture makers ourselves, I feel we have a good understanding of what it takes to be great at your craft. This is why I have prepared a list of my unbiased top 5 best furniture makers Melbourne. This list features people I have had the pleasure of meeting and some I haven’t yet, but nevertheless have an outstanding appreciation for what they do.

But first, lets understand what Bespoke furniture really is.

Timber Bed

Bespoke furniture, characterized by its custom-made approach, is all about creating unique, personalized designs that fit perfectly with someone’s style. For interior designers, it’s a dream because it lets them craft spaces that truly reflect their client’s personality. Unlike mass-produced furniture from chain stores, custom pieces like coffee tables, desks, Beds, and Dining tables add a special touch to any room.

Australians, especially those in Melbourne, love handmade goods. The city is full of talented furniture makers and designers known for their high-quality, Australian-made pieces. Even though custom furniture can be pricey, many people in Melbourne are proud to invest in quality design. Whether you’re looking for a standout piece or a matching set, working with a local furniture maker ensures your décor feels personal and unique.

Nowadays, furniture is often mass-produced to prioritize profit over quality. While this makes furniture more accessible, it also means sacrificing the durability and creative design of handmade pieces. Choosing handmade furniture from Melbourne’s best furniture makers means getting high-quality materials that last a lifetime.

For those interested in high-end furniture, designer pieces from Melbourne’s best not only last longer but also resist scratches and wear better, saving you from frequent replacements. Custom-made furniture adds both aesthetic and sentimental value, turning a house into a home that reflects your identity.

Here’s the list of who I believe are the best furniture makers in Melbourne, showcasing some incredible designs.

5. Billy Furniture 

After a quick conversation, you’ll learn that Billy is unashamedly himself – and his creative outputs are a testament to that. Art was Billy’s first love. But after too many nude paintings of his mates he started making furniture. Already a chippy by trade, he found a mentor and began fine-tuning his craft.

Billy has gradually moved away from traditional furniture making to find a style of his own – where objects aren’t meant to be taken too seriously. His creations are playful and sexy. To boot, each piece is handmade with carefully sourced materials, precision and plenty of personality.

You can check out more on Billy Furniture here

best furniture makers melbourne

4. Softer Studio

Softer Design Studio is a Melbourne-based project started by cabinet maker/furniture designer Dustin Fritsche.

After completing a successful and rewarding cabinet-making apprenticeship in the far north coast of NSW, Dustin studied furniture design at RMIT in Melbourne to further broaden his skills and appreciation for design. Since then Softer has been gaining momentum with custom pieces being sent to clients across Victoria and interstate.

Softer has a growing range of products as well as a vast portfolio of bespoke pieces ranging from stand-alone furniture to built-in cabinetry. Every Softer item is made to last using sustainable and renewable materials when possible with a very high attention to detail and quality control.

You can check out more on Softer Studio here

best furniture makers melbourne

3. Mubu

Mubu furniture is a family owned & run business. Run by Saskia and Michael, both are creative forces and their warm hearted focus is obvious throughout the entire mubu experience.

Their story began in Vietnam in 2014 when they left successful corporate jobs to come back to Australia to pursue their heartfelt dream of mubu, driven by their passion for simple, beautifully designed furniture feeding their own furniture business where they offer quality pieces that are crafted with love and attention to detail and functionality.

They run a close knit family business in Melbourne and their heart and soul are poured into it. With a natural design aesthetic and flair, they love

crafting stunning shapes and fabrics that complement your favourite spaces.

You can check out more on Mubu here

best furniture makers melbourne

2. Tide Design

January 2007, and having decided to leave an office career, George Harper, the founder of TIDE Design, was about to embark on a Diploma of Furniture Design and Making at the Box Hill Institute, Melbourne.

Whilst studying, weekends and evenings and any time in between was spent working in a small backyard shed, developing ideas, and producing chopping boards to be sold at local markets.

TIDE Design was soon to follow, and was established to market the handmade furniture that they are so passionate about creating and sharing. And since that time it has all been about developing their own unique range and style.

You can check out more on Tide here

best furniture makers melbourne

1. Made by Morgen

Nicholas McDonald of Made By Morgen, is one of the biggest names in Australian furniture. After training as a carpenter, Nicholas retrained as a furniture maker in Berlin and London.

Now working from Melbourne, Nicholas is now one of Melbourne’s most in-demand bespoke furniture makers. 

With inspiration from mid-century Scandinavian design, Made by Morgen create refreshing, unique and individualised pieces for people, places and spaces. They maintain traditional workmanship and quality, sourcing materials that support this standard.

You can check out more on Made by Morgen here

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