Your house is the place where you can relax and get rid of all the stress from outside world. Furniture is an integral part of any home, majority of the space in home is taken by the furniture. Furniture makes your home complete and welcoming.
Choose furniture for you place that fits your space and budget. Instead of only giving importance to the visual appeal, you must opt for comfort. Furniture should be decorative as well as comfortable.
Let’s see the wide range of custom made furniture in Melbourne that you can use for decorating your place.

Dining Table:

Dining table should offer style and comfort with spacious setting for casual meals and dinner parties. Dining room is a luxurious space to dine where a new dining table can absolutely change the atmosphere.
Dining chairs should complement the table with modern and comfortable design. Also consider the space for dining chairs; you will need minimum 2 feet space between table edge and wall to pull out chairs comfortably. Dining table should be placed in such a way that it offers relaxed dining experience for spending quality time with your loved ones. Custom made dining table can be the beautiful addition to your dining room furniture collection.


Dining Table MelbourneMelbourne Dining Table

At J R Bespoke Designs, you will get custom made dining tables in Melbourne with variety of timbers such as Victorian ash, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Chestnut etc.

Custom Made Tables:

Domain Console Table KewA nice piece of custom made table will refresh your existing decor. You can have custom made domain console table with vases of flowers at the centre of the room or place it against the wall and can use it for photo frame display. You can also use it for stack of books, candles and other decorative pieces.
One of the main advantages of getting custom made table is that it fits your own style. We provide Custom Made Table in Melbourne as per your requirement.



Entertainment Unit:

Entertainment Unit KewYou can install beautifully designed entertainment unit or TV Cabinet in your living room or media room to keep your multimedia stylishly accessible. By having Entertainment Unit or TV Cabinet, you can mount TV and also display decorative pieces. This can be used as storage solution for all your media devices. Entertainment unit will hide away wires and gives easy access to cords and connect your devices without ruining the overall appeal of media setup.
We provide best quality entertainment unit that suits your media room. You can choose wood, finish, design, pattern, texture and the color of the Entertainment Unit or TV Cabinet.

Round Table:

Round Table IvanhoeRound Dining Table get fits in dining room of any home. It is best suited for small apartments and town houses. When purchasing round table don’t forget to consider the size according to the doors, windows, cupboards, cabinets and other furnishings because these can create obstacles while installing it. As there are no corners to the round table it creates more space for moving around and it becomes easy to get to the seat.
We offer elegant round dining table in any size and colour. You can even select the leg style of a table. You will get the customized design at affordable price.





Buffet Unit:

Buffet Unit MelbourneBuffet unit is a versatile and handy piece of furniture that will provide great storage solution and style option. It can be installed in dining room, living room or entertainment area depends on what you want to store in buffet unit.
Buffet unit is a rich complement to your dining room where you can store your dinner essentials. It brings a touch of glamour to your dining room and adds aesthetic value with sophistication. We craft customized buffet unit as per your taste and personal requirement.


Coffee Table:

Custom Furniture MelbourneYour lounge area is incomplete without coffee table, so choose the best suitable coffee table as it is at the centre of your lounge room. It is multifunctional furniture as it provides you the facility to keep your books, showcase decorative ornaments, to have a coffee while reading newspaper and so on.
Coffee table is the stunning complement to your sofa setting. It will instantly refresh the look and feel of your home with a casual elegance.
Enrich your home with custom made coffee table.

By having best furniture that suits your styles will increase the overall beauty of your home. At J R Bespoke Designs Melbourne, we provide custom made furniture that perfectly matches your requirement.

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