Want to know how to keep your custom furniture to last a lifetime?
Then you must read this!
Having custom furniture satisfies your need of matching it with your interior. But you have to take proper care for long lasting piece of furniture. As you have made so many efforts in customizing your furniture as per your style and requirement, it is very important to preserve it.
To make the most of your investment, try to maintain its look, value and life. You can do this simply by following manufacturer’s care instructions also you can use following tips for your furniture’s long life.

1. Regular Dust Cleaning:

Regularly clean the dust from furniture as sticky dust can cause color damage. Use dry cloth or brush to clean the dust. Vacuum clean your furniture with a dusting brush attachment for gentle clean up. You should do regular cleaning which will prevent dust buildup on side space of designer TV Cabinets, surface of dining tables, coffee tables and Entertainment Units.

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2. Prevent your furniture form direct sunlight:

Never expose your custom furniture to direct sunlight as it can cause the color to fade. Have you ever done furniture rearrangement? If yes then you must have noticed that the color of the wood floor under furniture is darker and shinier than other part of the floor. The same can happen to your wooden furniture so avoid keeping it in direct sunlight.
Also you should make sure that your furniture position is having proper ventilation to maintain its moisture. Never keep your furniture near air vents.

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3. Avoid direct contact of hot plates on dining tables:

Always use dish pads while serving hot meal on your timber dining tables. Heat can cause wooden burns which will be difficult to get repaired. Refurnishing will be required to get rid of such burns so it’s better to keep your hot plates and vessels on dish pads to protect the look of your custom built dining tables.

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Also you must use protective plates under flower bases and glasses, to avoid water marks on coffee table and dining table.

4. Protect furniture from insects:

It is not enough to only clean your furniture; you must clean the whole room where furniture is kept. Apply insect sprays and disinfectants twice in a week. Once your furniture gets attacked by the insects, it’s really hard to protect it from damage. So make sure that the room and furniture is free from insects.

5. Follow furniture designer’s instructions:

There are many furniture designers in Melbourne, but the professional furniture designer will give you proper instructions about the cleaning products and methods. You should follow their instructions for safe cleaning of your custom furniture in Melbourne.

It’s hard to restore furniture once it is damaged so you must take care of your custom furniture. Proper care and maintenance will increase the life of your furniture. Professional cleaning is the best option to keep your valuable furniture as it is for long duration.