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Inject new life into your bedroom space with a custom made bedside table. Our collection of designs includes three unique styles, the Ava Bedside Table, Floating Bedside Table and Laurel Bedside Table. Each functional design is crafted to the highest standards, using only 100% sustainably sourced timber. Our designs are simple, yet elegant and include convenient storage space. Each custom made bedside table can be modified to suit your size requirements and timber preference and they are finished with the finest quality natural oil. Messmate and walnut timbers are a popular timber choice as you can easily style your messmate bedside table or walnut bedside table in with any other furniture pieces in your bedroom. If you’re not sure which timber would work best in your home, our design team can help with your selection.

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When you purchase a custom made bedside table from J R Bespoke Designs, you know your piece will be the highest quality. We have built a reputation as the premium custom made furniture designer and manufacturer in Melbourne and we can deliver our custom pieces Australia wide. If you don’t find the style you are looking for when browsing online, we can create a totally unique piece crafted to your own specifications and style. We work with our clients through one-on-one consultations to ensure the final piece is everything you dreamed of. Together, we can create something truly special. Get in touch today for a quote.