Timber Options


We use a huge variety of Australian Timbers as well as some imported classics While we can source over 20 different timber species, we try to keep it pretty simple and find that using the following timbers will usually achieve any sort of look you are after. If you are after a specific timber, then please enquire and one of our friendly staff will happily oblige.


Messmate has a beautiful colour which varies from pale browns through to creamy tones and generally with some gum vein and knots that gives it a unique grain pattern. It is a species that is rich in detail with an even texture and beautiful growth rings. Feature grades will also have varying degrees of gum veins which look stunning.
Messmate is a well-known hardwood species that has been used in a variety of applications for decades. It grows in Tasmania and Victoria, and on the tablelands of New South Wales and southern Queensland.

  • Messmate is quite durable with a Janka rating of 7.1


Blackbutt is a beautiful light to mid brown colour, the grain is usually a bit swirly in appearance. Blackbutt grows abundantly in the coastal forests between Bega, NSW and Maryborough, QLD.
The name Blackbutt came about due to the tree’s appearance after bushfire, whereby the butt of the tree was significantly darkened. A moderate to large tree, attaining 40 to 60 m in height and 1 to 2 m in diameter. It has a straight slender trunk, circular in cross-section. The bark on the lower part of the trunk is dark grey-brown in colour, fibrous and fissured, above this is white smooth bark. Typical smooth gum type bark occurs on branches and the uppermost part of the trunk. Found in coastal regions from southern New South Wales to Maryborough, Queensland.

  • Blackbutt is very durable and hard wearing with a Janka rating at 9.1

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is a beautiful timber with a variation in colour from mid brown to caramel and to chocolate brown. Gum veins are quite common and the presence of wavy grain can produce an attractive fiddleback figure. This timber has a well-established market, and is in demand both nationally and internationally.
Spotted Gum trees can grow to 45 m in height and 1.3 m in diameter. They have straight, slender trunks with smooth bark. Spotted Gum has smooth powdery bark which is white, grey or pink; often with characteristic patches (“spots”). The bark is shed in patches, giving the species its characteristic spotted appearance.

  • Spotted Gum is one of the most durable timbers with a Janka rating at 11.0


Marri is a distinctive bloodwood native to Western Australia. It is an adaptable tree that grows in both jarrah and karri forests in the state’s southwest, from north of Geraldton to Cape Riche and inland beyond Narrogin, and can also be found on the Swan Coastal Plain and Darling Scarp.
Marri is often called red gum due to the gummy red protrusions often seen on its trunk. As the name suggests, the timber is high in gum, resulting in low recovery rates of first grade timber. In the past, few timber millers produced it, however marri’s feature grain has become more popular in recent times for making fine, handcrafted furniture.

  • Marri is quite durable with a Janka rating of 7.1

American Oak

American Oak is a common medium-sized hardwood native to central North America. This imported species is popular worldwide for its fantastic character and pronounced grain patterns. It has large distinctive growth rings.
Back sawn boards expose the grain in way that shows interesting swirls and when stained they take more stain than the rest of the board making them more pronounced.
American Oak timber is Creamy brown to pale brown.

  • A reasonably hard timber American Oak has a Janka Rating of 6.0


The sapwood of walnut is creamy white, whereas the heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate brown, making the difference in colour quite distinct. Occasionally the heartwood has dark, even purple, streaks. The wood of walnut is generally straight grained, although sometimes with wavy or curly grain that produces its characteristic and attractive figure, sought after by designers.