JR Bespoke

Oil Finishes

At J R Bespoke Designs, we have spent a lot of time searching for the best products to use in conjunction with our furniture. As far as we’re concerned OSMO Polyx Oil is the best when it comes to finishing any of our timber products.

Wood is a natural material and the cell structure, similar to our skin, can take on and release moisture as it breathes. To ensure that this exchange is not prevented, Osmo have created finishes especially suited to the nature of wood. Osmo natural wood finishes are based on oils and waxes. The oil penetrates into the wood surface, protecting the wood from deep within. The waxes form an elastic, microprorous surface which protects the wood from external moisture and abrasion. The wood remains naturally beautiful, protected and durable.

Osmo products are produced on a base of carefully refined plant oils and waxes. The surface is safe for humans, animals and plants when dry. Which means you can even eat off your table.

Osmo also make 2 great maintenance products: Wash and Care and Liquid Wax Cleaner. We definitely recommend purchasing these 2 products with any furniture but feel it is a must for Dining Tables especially.

Osmo Wash and Care

Osmo Wash and Care comes in a 1litre bottle and is perfect for everyday cleaning of timber floors and furniture. When used regularly, the highly effective Wash and Care produces a low-maintenance, non- slip surface.

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner comes in a 500ml tin and is ideal for use on timber floors and furniture which need more than a general clean, or are looking a bit faded.