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Osmo Wash and Care


Osmo Wash and Care comes in a 1litre bottle and is perfect for everyday cleaning of timber floors and furniture. When used regularly, the highly effective Wash and Care produces a low-maintenance, non- slip surface. The water-soluble ingredients prevent streaks and do not form a layer. Especially mild on skin, free of dyes and aromas, biodegradable, free of solvents and emissions, and thus it supports a healthy living environment.

Osmo’s Wash and Care is the ideal general cleaner. Just add a capful to 2 litres of warm water, and use a soft lint free cloth or a micro fibre cloth. For more stubborn stains, just apply a less diluted ratio over the effected area.

Wash and Care can also be used on any flooring surface which has been varnished or polyurethaned etc. It can also be used to clean polished concrete, slate, stone and sealed teracotta surfaces.

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Osmo Wash and Care
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Osmo Wash and Care