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How much does custom furniture cost?

When it comes to making your space truly yours, custom furniture is a fantastic option. It’s all about getting pieces that fit your style and your room perfectly. But, this personalized touch comes with a higher price tag. Let’s break down how much does custom furniture cost, but also why it might be worth it.

Custom furniture cost

1. Paying for Skill

Custom furniture isn’t just pulled off a shelf; it’s made by skilled artisans. These guys take their time to make something special just for you, which means a lot of attention to detail and care goes into each piece. This kind of work takes time and expertise, and that’s a big reason why it costs more. Depending on how detailed your piece is, the price can vary a lot.

2. It’s All About Materials

The materials your furniture is made from matters a lot. If you go for high-quality timbers (think Walnut, Oak or Messmate) or unique fabrics, the price will go up. High-quality materials last longer and look better, so they’re often worth the cost. But remember, the rarer or more sustainable the material, the higher the price.

3. Bigger and More Complex? Higher Cost

Size and design complexity also play into the cost. A larger piece or one with lots of detailed work will need more materials and more time to make. So, if you want a big bookshelf with lots of fancy details, it’s going to cost more than a simple bookshelf built well, so think about what you really want.

4. Getting It to You

There’s also the time it takes to make your piece and the cost of shipping it to you. Custom furniture takes time to perfect, and if it’s big or needs to be handled carefully, shipping can add to the cost.

5. What You Might Spend

Without knowing exactly what you want, it’s hard to say how much custom furniture might cost. But generally, our custom-made dining tables might start at $3000 and go up to $8000. While an Entertainment unit might start at $2400 and go up to $7000.

Tips to Save:

  • Decide What’s Really Important: Maybe you can compromise on certain things to stay within budget.
  • Consider Alternative Materials: Consider using a less expensive hardwood timber like Messmate over Walnut.
  • Multi functional piece: A slightly higher initial investment in a multifunctional piece could save you from purchasing additional furniture later.

To Wrap Up

Yes, custom furniture usually costs more, but you’re getting something that’s exactly what you want and that fits your space perfectly. It’s about more than just buying furniture; it’s about making your space feel uniquely yours. And for many, custom furniture can be an heirloom piece to be passed down for generations.

If the idea of owning Custom Furniture has sparked your interest, we encourage you to reach out here. Delve into our Furniture range to stir your creativity, and let’s connect soon to discuss your vision.

custom furniture cost